Being Prepared Is The Key To Achieving Your Goals

Ya’ll… not sure if you saw Coach Jaymie’s meal prep LIVE on FB this week, but HOLY MOLY we’ve never been so excited to meal prep!

The beauty of macros is that it allows for LOTS of flexibility while you “diet”.


Even if your goal is fat loss (which for the majority of us, it is) macros lets you eat foods you enjoy and STILL get you to your goals!


But there are other factors that can keep us from succeeding on our weight loss journey besides just WHAT and HOW MUCH we eat:

  • Time

  • Excuses

  • Lack of resourcefulness

  • Poor planning

Have you ever fallen victim to one of these challenges before?

The crazy thing is, our diet is literally 80% of our progress.


Even if you’re working out 6 days a week, doing hours on hours of cardio, and lifting like a beast, if your diet is out of wack all your hard work is going to waste.


That’s why meal prepping is THE #1 way to help you stay on track every single week.

It’s more time efficient than trying to make all your meals last minute 3-5x a day.


It’s more cost effective because you buy only the ingredients you know you will need for your pre-planned meals.


It keeps all the guesswork out of eating throughout the week because you already have it prepared and logged in MyFitnessPal And you KNOW you will hit all your goals because you’ve already planned and prepped ahead of time.

Meal prepping an entire week’s worth of food can seem overwhelming to some people. But once you sit down and do it one time, you will see that it actually doesn’t need to take that much time, AND the benefits outweigh the small inconvenience of having to cook for a couple hours straight on a Sunday afternoon.

  • Coach April likes to catch up on her reality TV when she meal preps.

  • Coach Alyx suggests listening to your favorite podcast.

  • Coach Jaymie uses her meal prep time to inspire and teach others!

It is possible to multitask when you’re meal prepping, which is another added benefit of time-blocking it out every week.


But the real question is: DO YOU ENJOY THE MEALS YOU’RE PREPPING?!


Because if you don’t, then yeah. You’re not going to want to meal prep!


That’s why House Macros offers you a whole library of macro-friendly meal prep recipes on our website! Have you checked them out??


There are apple cinnamon muffins, peanut butter waffles, chicken alfredo, spicy shrimp burrito bowls and SO MUCH MORE!


In fact, those were just some of the meals Coach Jaymie prepped THIS WEEK.


We want you to ENJOY your weight loss journey, and part of that is enjoying the foods you’re eating along the way.


So make it a point this week to block out at least 1-2 hours of your time to meal prep a couple of our recipes! And be sure to tell us which ones you made by posting a pic and tagging us on your social media! We would love to see how it turned out and what you think!


Want more info on macros and how to reach your fitness goals? Click the link below!


See you soon,

House Macros

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