Combating Inflammation W/ Nutrition!

Even Coaches Need Coaches

Hey Tribe, you’re probably looking at the title of this post and thinking “wait what?!?” Yup, you read it right, Even coaches need coaches sometimes. But before I tell you what I as a House Macros coach, needs a coach for let’s rewind to give you a back story on how I got here!

I have always struggled with my weight (okay let’s be real I haven’t struggled with my weight, I struggled with body image so I thought I was struggling with my weight). As a young lady always looking for acceptance from others I feel quick into the “black hole” of wanting to be skinny. I know, I know this was well before the strong is beauty movement, so in reality I was “skinny-fat”. 

When I joined the Marine Corps I shipped out at 180lbs (which I thought was morbidly obese at this time in my life,  (eye roll) if only I knew then what I know now) I had no muscle, no strength, and no endurance, just me and my “obese” body. In 3 months time I quickly melted away in the hot Paris Island sun to a 145lb twig. Surprise, surprise I was still unhappy when looking myself face to face in the mirror. 

Fast forward 10 years, 2 beautiful children later and a whole lot of yo-yoing from heavy to skinny back to heavy again. Now sitting at 223lbs I can see clearly about who I am and where I’m going. Now I know your wondering what the point of this is, I’m getting there I promise. For the past couple years I’ve been experiencing joint and mobility pain, and I’m not talking about your normal, ahhh my neck hurts from stress pain, I’m talking whole body, crippling to the bone pain.


What I didn’t know was that inflammation was playing a huge role in what was causing this pain. This is what lead me to seek out help from someone more knowledgeable in this field (aka getting a nutrition coach). I have no shame, yes I am a macro nutrition coach however my specialty is not dietary restrictions sought out help from Coach Hannah.


So what is inflammation? 

People hear inflammation and they think its a bad thing, but its not! It’s a healthy response to injury or infection within the body. What’s not good is that once your body has healed the inflammation should stop! When the inflammation does not subside, its call chronic inflammation; which means that inflammation starts destroying good cells in the body and starts slowly breaks down and builds up scar tissue over and over again. 


The symptoms of chronic inflammation can appear as aching joints, soreness, and swelling. We tend to brush these off as just getting older or feeling that we have been to hard on our bodies and this is just life. But in all reality it’s actually inflammation that is causing these symptoms and can likely be reduced or even eliminated by giving proper attention to how your fueling your body. (i.e nutrition)


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